Seventy-nine young talents convene at Women’s U18 East and West Camps

Fri, Jul 28, 2023, 11:28 PM
by Taylor Dean
USA Rugby
USA Rugby

Dozens of high school talents joined USA Rugby High Performance Pathways for Women’s U18 East and West camps.

Held at Mt. Saint Mary’s University in Maryland (East) and Utah State University in Utah (West), 79 prospective athletes were introduced to a high performance skills academy on the field, while helping to deepen their understanding on how to grow the game for upcoming generations of American rugby players. 

The players invited to the camps, which were held mid-July, were identified during the coast to coast Talent ID Camps tour through the spring of this year, scouted at regional tournaments, and referred by coaches. 

While in camp, the athletes focused on taking initiative. USA Women’s High Performance Pathway Manager, Martha Daines noted that on the field, that translated into taking control of the opposition on both attack and defense, as well as dictating the pace of play. This was done through small-sided games, technical skill sessions, and classroom sessions where players could work with teammates to discuss strategies. 

Daines also said, “We hope the U18s camps gave players new perspectives on how the game could be played, broader understanding of possible roles they might take on the field depending on their strengths, reinforcement or development of skills specific to the point of contact, and attacking in a marked up situation. 

“There’s been considerable growth and development of players over the last year as we’ve had another year of rugby post-COVID. We’re seeing more athletic players who are more resilient and more skilled, which bodes well for future national teams.” 

Alongside the benefits of the young players experiencing a USA Rugby high performance environment, the pool of prospective players for USA Rugby Pathways to keep an eye on and support continues to expand nationwide. 

U18s West
Name Club/School
Karlee Allington Eagle High School
Rhyan Antonelli PAC Misfits Rugby
Megan Carpenter Missoula Youth Rugby
Bryn Carter Hawkeyes Rugby
Arabella Cassidy San Diego Mustangs
Sophia (Bob) Clasen East Side Grackles
Gianna Diaz Belmont Shore Rugby Club
Macey Dunn Mountain View High School
Jasmine Fehoko Majestics
Kennidi Feliuai United Rugby
Sydney Gottesman Marin Highlanders
Cora Haughey Fallbrook High School
Maya Hilger Land Park Harlequins
Alyssa Hine Centennial Girls Rugby
Liliani (Harmony) Hopoate Majestics
Regan Jackson Summit High School
Madison Jersey Tri-City Thunder
Erica Kissinger Cowichan Piggies
Ro'elenoa Lagilagi SacPal Amazons
Marley Larkin Majestics
Amenekina Latu Wolverines
Jordynn LeBeau Eagle High School
Jordis Lomu United Rugby
Ellie Mahe United Rugby
Pelenaise Makalo United Rugby
Oaklynd Malufau Pasefika Rugby
Lionala Mayorga Majestics
Neasa McLaughlin Morris High School
Anna O'Leary North Bay High School
Loimataima'ataua Toia SacPal Amazons
Reese Torticill San Clemente High School
Malia Tuli Kent Crusaders
Lola Unga Wolverines
Salote Valikoula Kahuku Raiders
Naomi Van Zandt Wolverines
Gianna Veetutu Kent Crusaders
Jacoriah Washington Texas Nuclear Thudner
Liana Wayman Kent Crusaders
Halateka Williams Pleasanton Lady Cavaliers
U18s East
Name Club/School
Natalie Allen Vienna High School
Maggie Austin Doylestown Rugby Academy
Cassie Ball Morris High School
Rebecca Balladares West Carroll Marauders
Chayse Barksdale Grandville HIgh School
Aquinzee Burkeen Columbia Central High School
Emerson Callegari Texas Nuclear Thunders
Camryn Cook Chicago Lions
Layla Cox West Carroll Marauders
Drew Dauser Sparta-Rock Girls Rugby
Charlotte Dauser Sparta-Rock Girls Rugby
Charlotte Davies Downington Rugby Club
Chloe de Leon Carmel High School
Laella Maeve Delaney Raleigh Cobras
Akil Dougherty Chiefs RFC
Kiyannah Edwards Columbia Central High School
Nolah Flynn Doylestown Rugby Academy
Leila Galarza Morris High School
Olivia George Hamilton High School
Anneliese Henrich Orchard Park High School
Cecilia Izquierdo South Suburban Cobras
Reaghan King Doylestown Rugby Academy
Alexa Kirschner Charlotte Cardinals
Aby Lambert Ospreys
Valeria Martinez Columbia Central High School
JoJo Mignone Morris High School
Caitlin Moroney Morris High School
Jess Pascoe Downington Rugby Club
Alyssa Post Sparta-Rock Girls Rugby
Ava Reuter Eagan High School
Natalie Roan State College High School
Jayden Smith Aspetuk Valley Rugby Club
Cambridge Surch Wando Wahine
Mia Taylor Belmont High School
Courtney Taylor South Greenville RFC
Sage Tonomura-MacDonald Belmont High School
Annabella Vogel Knightmares
Rachel Wilkie Grandville HIgh School
Cara Workman Columbia Central High School
Sydney Worthington Doylestown Rugby Academy